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Steffen Grønning

CEO & Game Director

I'm the @Baboonlord

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Kenneth Harder

CTO & Lead Programmer

That guy

Stefan Greulich

Art Director

I do whatever it takes to make the game look the best it can. That entails spending a lot of time talking to people and making sure we are working towards a common visual style, painting key art pieces for use as visual touchstones, as well as doing a lot of tweaking of the overall look. I also do our promotional art, quite a bit of 2D art, and even some shader / postprocess programming. I also like sailing and long walks on the beach.

Martin Prestegaard

Lead 3D artist

I started out working in the movie/commercial industry for a few years before I came to betadwarf. The swap to making games and being part of Betadwarfs unique and free development was an amazing experience.
My job entails doing quite a wide selection of different things such as teaching the betadwarf art style to new artists, helping to ensure quality throughout all our 3d assets and post-processing.

Peter Buje

Game Designer

King in the North @buje

Kristian Rømer

Sound designer & Audio Director

We live in a world with sound around us all the time. In public spaces as well as in our own home. We can either choose to ignore the sounds, which will inevitably make them noise. But if we choose to pay attention to the whole spectrum of our surroundings we will hear music.,
I have the responsibility for all in-game and promotional audio. My daily work is divided between sound design, audio implementation and collaboration with composers and voice actors.

Alex Jørgensen


I do animations and stuff...

Christoffer Greulich

Game Designer & Producer

There's no limit to the amount of hats one can wear. I'll get in there with design, visual programming, game testing, project leadership, business development and talent acquisition.
I've always been excited about game mechanics. Confidently berating my favorite games for their "design flaws" or house-ruling tabletop RPGs to better fit my eccentric groups playstyle, game design is a passion that I could never imagine would fade.

Alexander Karlsson

Visual artist

I like to think of myself as a creative boy with a passion for art and games.
My goal at BetaDwarf is to make our games feel and look as awesome as possible. My primary method for this is lightning strikes and explosions.


Kristian Klie


I love games, and programming, and creative writing. Not the most common combination, but it seems that I’ve found my nook in BetaDwarf. I’ve worked on FORCED since the beginning in my role as programmer – and have been happy to gobble up any writing tasks that sprang up.
In coding I prefer working on prototypes and I’ve mainly been a gameplay programmer for that reason. I also like to see myself as the office’s unofficial head bug hunter.

Ejnar Håkonsen

Game Designer

I specialize in systems design and am responsible for much of the balancing and patch notes. I structure and maintain overviews of our content and systems, so I can ensure our mechanics are behaving consistently, and swiftly analyze which impacts a new design proposal would have in the full context of the game. Since I have one of the wider overviews of what's going on on the design front, I'm often also responsible for coordination and making sure that other team members can easily get the information they need.

Voice Actors

Michael Guthrie

C-SAR aka Computer Simulated Arena Referee

Special thanks to Michael for bringing C-SAR to life with his epic voice.
Contact : voice123.com/michaelguthrie

George "Seòras" Exley

R3-KT, Ravager, Volco, Schnappy, The Master & Apep

Special thanks to Seòras for extensive collaboration on the execution of voice in the game, whilst bringing a high level of expression with his own voice.
Contact : seorasvoiceacting.com

Jesse Lowther

Kickstarter video & Graw

Special thanks for giving our Kickstarter video impact and for being very professional about the process.
Contact : jesselowther.com

Eric Wheeldon

Stormbringer & Jahun

Jens Hybschmann

The Squire of Light

Laura Schafer

Ruby Von Worthington

Contact : @Less_is_MOAR

Randy Poplaski

Frank The Everliving


Tim Ekberg


Calle Leppäjoki

Mordar & Raff

Brandy Fisher


Contributors to the game

Björn Trollmo Rogetzky

Graphics Programmer

Portfolio: bjorntrollmo.se

Jens Moss

Music Composer

Music composition for the game and promotional material, including music for: Garden world, Rat world, Dungeon world and the main menu.
Special thanks for your input on identifying the best style and system for the in game music and the overall sound of the game.
Portfolio : mossyproductions.com

Mona Skoog

3D Artist

I have always been a person that enjoys being creative, drawing, taking Photos and playing computer games. I finished my Education as a game developer (Game Art) in spring 2015. Here at BetaDwarf i have gotten to develop my Skill in a very creative and free environment. I work with making any type of 3D content but I have a special Love for creating creatures and cute things
Portfolio : monaskoog.com

Frederik Denning


I handle the press without pressing// Make sure the artists can keep sketching//
I like Magic: The Gathering, Jazz and great food// And I try to make designers stay in a good mood//
Always loved to change mechanics in the editing tools// Cuz' games are more fun when you are making the rules//

Silas Amdi

2D Artist - Card Illustrator

Portfolio: artstation

Alexander Kramerov

3D Artist - Card Illustrator


Steven Engels

Game Designer

Linnea Unéus Mattsson

3D Artist

Portfolio: linneauneus.com

Antoine Fion

Game Designer

Multiclassed Game Designer / Coffeemancer, what I love is to translate impressions and ideas into concrete gameplay and fine tuning it. It’s kind of solving problems you don’t know you have with solutions you don’t see. But it’s all those little things that make the game feel right!
Oh, and numbers as well. They know everything if you know how to ask them nicely.

Kim Hesselholt Reenberg


Kasper Ingdahl Andkjær


Simon Palmér

2D Artist

After a few years of freelance work I attended a game develpment school and now I am an intern here at BetaDwarf.
I enjoy the process of creating art, be it 2D or 3D. I have a special love for painting and am very happy when I get to create illustrations

Alexandra Malmquist

3D Artist

I'm a third year student at The Game Assembly in malmö Sweden, graduating in april 2016. I'm currently here at Betadwarf as an intern.
I specialize in 3D environment art, but outside of the studio I also very much enjoy painting and writing.
Portfolio: alexandramalmquist.se

Andreas Broqvist


I have a big passion for games and I have for as long as I can remember enjoyed to play computer and television games. When I first tried out programming I found it very interesting and challenging so I decided to study that more. Currently my favourite part of game programming must be AI and gameplay programming.

Koen Van den Steen

Technical Designer

Cool guy

Glenn Moreels

Fabian Achammer


Tristan Peschoux


Richard Peck


I like to work with big logical systems with lots of moving parts. I love algorithms, code and anything that can be used to solve technical problems. It’s kind of like constructing a tiny world inside a box every day. My role is creating tools and other large systems, as well as lending a hand whenever technical issues come up. I really enjoy giving the team the tools they need, to give the user a great gaming experience.

Special thanks

Our community For testing the game and giving great feedback.

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