Deckbuilding empowers this bullet hell brawler!

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Drone Invasion Expansion!

Expand the Show with a new Mode, Boss, Environment - more Enemies, Modifiers, Cards and the brand new mech contestant Settsu and much more!

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Enter a Galactic Game Show!

Battle hordes of brutal foes to become a superstar in C-SAR’s ever-changing game show.

Earn powerful cards, and build a deck to conquer the arenas!

Summon helpers, change the rules, alter your skills and experiment with a vast amount of combinations.

Upgrade your contestant and do mindblowing stuff or just perform better overall.
Spells add a strategic layer and will often give you options that really take advantage of your deck.
Consumables adds extra combat options, including hypnotizing enemies, summoning allies and bombs!

Keep fighting & exploring

Explore the infinite variations of C-SAR's show.
Take on magnificent and varied challenges.


Try various skillsets, explore and extend their possibilities with cards.


Compete to be the master of the daily challenges. New seasons every month!


Ally yourself with powerful creatures, such as a dinosaur that thinks you are tasty.

Exotic Enemies

C-SAR has ensured a great host of varied enemies, all with unique fighting styles and skills, part of the reason why the show is so popular.


Mighty Titans are often encountered during the show, these are ultimate challenges and slaying them is a sure way to stay a crowd favorite.


C-SAR has an almost endless amount of show formats, rules and surprises to ensure his audience is never bored.

Get ready to rrr.. Shuffle!