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Our story and our people

» An incredible start up story
» The Team


Facts about our game and us!


Release date(s):


Q1 2016

Confirmed platforms:

Steam (PC, Mac, Linux)

Regular price:

Action and deck-building are combined in a Galactic Game Show - but questions gets replaced with deadly Gladiator Battles! You are the contestant - will you die or become a crowd favorite?

5 Unique Gladiators and Play Styles

Each champion has their own unique weapon and special abilities. Unlock their true potential by exploring and extending their possibilities with cards.

Play Your Way: Deck-Building

Build the perfect deck of cards to enhance the abilities of your champion.

Endless Replayability

Hone your skills in the campaign modes and then compete in the daily challenges to see who is the most badass gladiator this side of the galaxy. New seasons every month!

It's Dangerous to Go Alone!

Unlock companion creatures that can help you overcome the dangers of the arena with their extraordinary abilities.

Exotic Enemies

C-SAR has ensured a great host of varied enemies, all with unique fighting styles and skills. Slay the mighty Titans and win the adoration of the spectators.

Are You Not Entertained?

C-SAR has an almost endless amount of procedural generated arenas, show rules, show boons, quests, cards, enemies, bosses, boss cards, companions, worlds, traps, online competitions and more.

The Drone Invasion

The first expansion for SHOWDOWN was released in July 2016 bringing a new character, boss, game mode, modifiers and much more to the show.

Awards & Recognition

Intel Level-Up 2014

Best Game with 3D Graphics

MomoCon 2016

Indie Game Award

Developer facts


Founding date:

Press Contact:

BetaDwarf September 1, 2010
Based in Copenhagen, Denmark +45 61444790


Team info:

Steam Page
Betadwarf has lived in a classroom for 8 months, in a house in rural Denmark even longer and are now located in an office in Copenhagen. It's a story of happy-go-lucky amateurs turned into professional developers and a story of blood, sweat and tears. A lot has changed since the beginning, and the team now consists of around 10 highly skilled developers working on awesome games. Everyone has a deep passion for games, and we are always looking to push the boundaries and explore new and interesting mechanics.

»  Check out our debut game, FORCED, here!  «